A Little Bit of House Keeping.

I love this business!

Re-phrased… I LOVE the actual act of photography and capturing those special moments in a child or a family’s life. I can’t even explain the flutters I get when I do that. What I have a hard time with is the “business” of this business. Being a one [wo]man show is hard, handling the marketing, scheduling, planning, a studio, insurance, taxes, equipment, bills, (the list goes on and on) isn’t the funnest nor easiest part for a creative minded thinker like me. But IT IS part of this thing I call a “business.”

I have to button up a bit this year and be more strict with fees, orders, scheduling, timelines and deposits. This business has been and still is such a work in progress. It is most important to me to make sure that I am offering and servicing my clients needs. As well as taking care of mine. It’s time I take this much more serious so that I see a reason for continuing. I need to be able to justify the amount of time that is spent on any given session to my family (er, I mean husband) and feel that I can honestly contribute to my family financially. Heck, maybe see enough of a profit to start saving or actually take a vacation. I wish I could do this job as a hobby— but I can’t. It is really my job. Yes, as much as I love it and truly believe I have the best job (the photo taking side of it) it’s not even half the “job,” there is so, SO much more.

With that little prelude, please be understanding when I have to be a little more business minded. For example; your session will NOT be considered booked until your deposit is received. (I just can’t reserve the studio time with out the confirmation.) Please understand when I have to charge to repost a gallery. (I just can’t cover that fee for others any longer.) Be compassionate if I don’t always want to work a trade. (The mortgage company, the electric company and my web-hosting company doesn’t do trade either.)

Trust me, I understand how life can be, especially in these difficult times. Our family lived through a very difficult time when my husband was laid off for almost a year and a half. With me being self employed it made it even more trying. Seeing ourselves caught up and having our head above water again is something I don’t feel we’ll ever see. We all have to make choices and I understand choices that families need to make to make things work. Although remember, when you are going to purchase your next Louis Vuitton Purse, will that bring you the lifetime of memories that that one special photo might. Just food for thought.

I can’t wait to capture your next milestone.

xo Paula

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