The GOLDEN Hour | Twin City Lifestyle Photograher

Summer is finally here in Minnesota — what does that mean to an on-location/lifestyle photographer? Our days are long and bright.

Have you ever heard about the “Golden Hour?” It is a photographers DREAM time to shoot. The sun is lower in the sky giving a gorgeous buttery, warm, yummy tone. In a photographers perfect world, all sessions would be scheduled around this “GOLDEN” time which is about one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.

I want you to know that I am picky when it comes to scheduling outdoor sessions; I want everything about your session to be perfect. Remember, I too am a mom, so I get when someone says that is not an ideal time for their kiddos… but please trust me when I say that the final product is so worth stretching your kids bedtime and paying a little bit for it the next day (or 3).

Here is an example of Minnesota’s  Sunrise and Sunset schedule for June. Don’t be alarmed if I ask you to start your session at about 7:00am or 7:00pm. Really, you’ll thank me in the end.

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