It’s that GRADUATION time of year

I spent some time with this sweet group of friends last night before their graduation. It warms my heart to see friendships like this. Then, it makes me feel old as I remember my years in High School. It goes too fast.

On that note — all you Juniors graduating next year, be sure you book your senior photos, soon. I am starting to fill up my summer calendar, most year books want photos submitted beginning of October.


My Own Little Guy

I don’t know why it is so hard for me to get photos of my own four  kids (let alone family photos of all 6 of us). These were taken last week, I missed his 2 year mark, so these are 2-1/2 year photos. Makes me sad because he has seriously grown so much in the past 6 months, I wish I would have captured him at 2, at least more than what I have on my iPhone.


hugs • kisses • cuddles • LOVES his brothers and sister and does a great job keeping up with all of them • happy all the time • friendly, talks, waves to everyone • obsessed, I mean obsessed, with zamboni’s (won’t leave the rink until the zamboni driver waves at him) • prefers to be naked, or at least pant-less • independent & self sufficient (favorite phrase “my turn!”) • loves Mickey Mouse (Mishka) • still naps • starting to want to use the toilet • good eater • loves milk

I still can’t believe that this little surprise blessing is in our life, and I sure cannot imagine it without him.