Graduation | Reddan Style :)

My sweet friend Brenda called Wednesday morning, the morning of graduation, and wanted a stress free evening… she asked me to come to the school before the Graduation Ceremony and capture some images of their family and Emily’s group of friends. What an awesome idea! These are moments you never want to forget or miss. Can you even imagine how proud they are of Emily (and of course the 3 boys too)?


everyone secretly wants to be a Reddan.

It’s that GRADUATION time of year

I spent some time with this sweet group of friends last night before their graduation. It warms my heart to see friendships like this. Then, it makes me feel old as I remember my years in High School. It goes too fast.

On that note — all you Juniors graduating next year, be sure you book your senior photos, soon. I am starting to fill up my summer calendar, most year books want photos submitted beginning of October.


My Own Little Guy

I don’t know why it is so hard for me to get photos of my own four  kids (let alone family photos of all 6 of us). These were taken last week, I missed his 2 year mark, so these are 2-1/2 year photos. Makes me sad because he has seriously grown so much in the past 6 months, I wish I would have captured him at 2, at least more than what I have on my iPhone.


hugs • kisses • cuddles • LOVES his brothers and sister and does a great job keeping up with all of them • happy all the time • friendly, talks, waves to everyone • obsessed, I mean obsessed, with zamboni’s (won’t leave the rink until the zamboni driver waves at him) • prefers to be naked, or at least pant-less • independent & self sufficient (favorite phrase “my turn!”) • loves Mickey Mouse (Mishka) • still naps • starting to want to use the toilet • good eater • loves milk

I still can’t believe that this little surprise blessing is in our life, and I sure cannot imagine it without him.

Lgerebi - April 13, 2015 - 11:01 pm

Love pours out! A great moment in time to capture. XO